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Passive Fire Suppression


MADMAT (Multipurpose Aviation Decking Material), is a modular decking system that combines spill containment and passive fire suppression capabilities for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.  Our patented design offers customers a lightweight and non-skid surface that is able to drain and contain large volumes of liquid while simultaneously starving any burning liquid of the oxygen and heat required to burn.  MADMAT is ideally suited for high flashpoint hazardous materials such as kerosene, diesel, and other petrochemical products, and will extinguish spilled liquids once they are drained below the surface.  For extremely flammable liquids like gasoline, MADMAT dramatically reduces the levels of smoke and flame produced while keeping surface temperatures below 200°F even while fuel burns in the containment tray below.  These features will protect customer assets from water and smoke damage associated with extinguishing traditional fires.


MADMAT has undergone more than a decade of research and development, and has been tested by the US Navy’s Naval Research Laboratory and Formula 1.  The modular design allows for flexibility to support custom applications ranging from a tabletop tray for laboratory environments to pallet storage racks, to gas stations and flight decks.

NextGen Marine & Offshore Lighting© 


The most advanced maritime platforms in the world shouldn’t be illuminated by industrial-age technologies. 


Disproportionate power needs, poor reliability, high onboard spare allocations, and on-going maintenance labor costs are the hallmark of the world’s military and commercial marine lighting solutions.  The (US) Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) describes lighting issues as routinely as a Top 20 Maintenance Burden for surface ships.


Together with our partner, RSL Fiber Systems, TTi provides cooperative solutions for topside navigation and helicopter landing systems.  Our state of the art illumination approach utilizing fiber optic, LEDs, and lasers result in low-power, low-maintenance, high MBTF, corrosion immune, and lightweight systems that can be remotely located in easily accessible areas. 


Specific benefits include:


  • First ever, 100% Night Vison Device compliant helicopter landing systems;

  • Reduced installation costs;

  • Reduced EMI and grounding issues;

  • Reduced maintenance with topside materials impervious to corrosion and weather related degradation;

  • Reduced energy consumption by 50% to 70% from legacy lighting devices;

  • Reduced number of spare parts through parts commonality and high MBTF;

  • Reduced topside weight by over 70%.

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