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TTi delivers bespoke consulting, design, engineering, and cost efficiency solutions from the most technology advanced new-build vessels to the re-fit, modernization, and greening of existing hulls and platforms.  
TTi’s comprehensive and broad-based approach to research and development leverages the use of alternative and environmentally friendly materials that are often less expensive, stronger, and lighter than the current norms.  Our proven methodology results in real breakthroughs in both technology and the fundamental approach to complex problems.
Tangible examples of our vision include:
  • Leading the design and analysis for the shape and materials of the US Navy’s DDG-1000, Zumwalt-class destroyers’ top-side hull.  

  • Design, test, and building the first ever 100%-night vision compliant, low-power, LED-based integrated landing aid system to ensure the safety of aircrew and passengers of ship-borne helicopters at sea.

  • The modernization and refit of the US Navy’s CG-47, Ticonderoga-class cruisers delivering refit technology providing reduced cost, weight, and ongoing ROI in operating fuel costs and reduced maintenance.

  • Working with Formula-1 to create a highly effective, affordable, passive fuel-fire suppression system.

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